1st XI League Fixtures for 2018

The league fixtures for the 1st XI are now available in the Events/Match Calendar on our website. Here is the full fixture list for NCU Section 2 below.


28th April
Cliftonville Academy v Victoria
Donaghadee	     v Larne
Drumaness	     v Ballymena
Dundrum		     v Belfast Super Kings
Monaghan	     v Dunmurry

5th May
Ballymena	     v Ards
Belfast Super Kings  v Cooke Collegians
Dundrum		     v Donghadee
Dunmurry	     v Templepatrick
Larne		     v Drumaness
Saintfield	     v BISC
Victoria	     v Monaghan

13th May
BISC		     v Ards
Cooke Collegians     v Saintfield

26th May
BISC		     v Dunmurry
Cliftonville Academy v Dundrum
Cooke Collegians     v Victoria
Donaghadee	     v Belfast Super Kings
Drumaness	     v Saintfield
Monaghan	     v Larne
Templepatrick	     v Ballymena

9th June
Ards		     v Templepatrick
Ballymena	     v BISC
Belfast Super Kings  v Cliftonville Academy
Dunmurry	     v Drumaness
Larne		     v Cooke Collegians
Saintfield	     v Monaghan
Victoria	     v Donaghadee

16th June
Ards		     v Dunmurry
BISC		     v Larne
Cooke Collegians     v Dundrum
Donaghadee	     v Cliftonville Academy
Drunamess	     v Victoria
Monaghan	     v Belfast Super Kings
Templepatrick	     v Saintfield

23rd June
Belfast Super Kings  v Victoria
Cliftonville Academy v Saintfield
Cooke Collegians     v Ballymena
Drumaness	     v Templepatrick
Dundrum		     v Larne
Monaghan	     v Ards
Donaghadee	     v Dunmurry

30th June
Ards		     v Drumaness
Ballymena	     v Monaghan
Dunmurry	     v Cooke Collegians
Larne		     v Cliftonville Academy
Saintfield	     v Donaghadee
Templepatrick	     v BISC
Victoria	     v Dundrum

7th July
Ards		     v Cooke Collegians
BISC		     v Drumaness
Ballymena	     v Donaghadee
Dunmurry	     v Cliftonville Academy
Larne		     v Belfast Super Kings
Saintfield	     v Dundrum
Templepatrick	     v Monaghan

14th July
Belfast Super Kings  v Saintfield
Cliftonville Academy v Ballymena
Cooke Collegians     v Templepatrick
Donaghadee	     v Ards
Dundrum		     v Dunmurry
Monaghan	     v BISC
Victoria	     v Larne

21st July
Ards		     v Cliftonville Academy
Ballymena	     v Dundrum
BISC		     v Cooke Collegians
Dunmurry	     v Belfast Super Kings
Drumaness	     v Monaghan
Saintfield	     v Victoria
Templepatrick	     v Donaghadee

28th July
Belfast Super Kings  v Ballymena
Cliftonville Academy v Templepatrick
Cooke Collegians     v Drumaness
Donaghadee	     v BISC
Dundrum		     v Ards
Larne		     v Saintfield
Victoria	     v Dunmurry

4th August
Ards		     v Belfast Super Kings
Ballymena	     v Victoria
BISC		     v Cliftonville Academy
Drumaness	     v Donaghadee
Dunmurry	     v Larne
Monaghan	     v Cooke Collegians
Templepatrick	     v Dundrum

11th August
Belfast Super Kings  v Templepatrick
Cliftonville Academy v Drumaness
Donaghadee	     v Monaghan
Dundrum		     v BISC
Larne		     v Ballymena
Saintfield	     v Dunmurry
Victoria	     v Ards

18th August
Ards		     v Larne
Ballymena	     v Saintfield
BISC		     v Belfast Super Kings
Cooke Collegians     v Donaghadee
Drumaness	     v Dundrum
Monaghan	     v Cliftonville Academy
Templepatrick	     v Victoria

25th August
Belfast Super Kings  v Drumaness
Cliftonville Academy v Cooke Collegians
Dundrum		     v Monaghan
Dunmurry	     v Ballymena
Larne		     v Templepatrick
Saintfield	     v Ards
Victoria	     v BISC