Academy CC History

On the pitch


1st XI were 3rd in Qualifying league Section D.
Playing record P14 W9 D1 L4


1st XI won Qualifying league Section D.
Robin Harrison top batting 637 runs @ 31.85 and Peter Jackson top bowling 12 wkts @ 5.92


1st XI were 2nd in Qualifying league Section C.
26 all out against Carrick in the Cup on a “rather dubious wicket”.
Robin Harrison top batting 390 runs @ 27.86 and George Dean top bowling 34 wkts @ 11.18
Entered Midweek League (finished 2nd)


1st XI were 2nd in Qualifying league Section C (promoted).
Playing record 1sts P20 W13 L7. Lost Cup quarter-final to BHS.
Trevor Blair and Robin Harrison put on 144 for 1st wicket at Millpark.
Mike Shaw topped bowling averages.
2nd XI were 2nd in Division Two Section J.
Playing record 2nds P12 W7 L5.
T. Bellieu topped batting and bowling averages. Richard Fletcher scored a 100 against Mossley IIs.

R.Parker joined club and organised 3 games for an U-13 side.

Entered Mid-Ulster and McCready cups.


1st XI were 3rd in Qualifying league Section B.
Lost in final of Junior Cup to Donaghadee.
Trevor Blair topped batting and bowling averages.
Robin Harrison selected to play for Junior Ulster.

2nd XI won Division Two Section H. 100% record.
T. Bellieu topped bowling averages.

Entered Graham Cup.

Tour Dublin to Clontarf on 12 July.


1st XI were 2nd in Qualifying league Section B (promoted).
I.Marno topped batting averages, T.Blair the bowling.
Robin Harrison captained Junior Ulster.

2nd XI won Division Two Section G.
David Parker topped batting and bowling averages.

3rd XI were 3rd in Section J and won Minor Qualifying Cup.

Midweek XI won Midweek league Section B.


1st XI were 2nd in Qualifying league Section A.
T.McAuley topped batting averages, George Dean the bowling.
I.Marno scored over 600 runs @ 25. Trevor Blair bowled 286 overs and took 52 @ 10 apiece.
Robin Harrison (as captain) and Ivor Marno played for Junior Ulster.

2nd XI won Division Two Section F. Won their first 13 games, losing final match of season.
Joe Morgan top bat, David Parker top bowler.
Tommy Bellieu took 72 wickets @ 8 apiece.

3rd XI finished 2nd in Section H.
David Parker top bat, Graham Martin top bowler.

U15s won Graham Cup (Captain Richard Nash).

All in all, 62 league games were played. Won 55 Lost 7 !

Both Midweek XIs won their leagues.


1st XI won Qualifying league Section A winning all 13 games (Captain Tommy McAuley).
T.McAuley topped batting 345 runs @ 28.75. Clarke Gowdy top bowler with 25 w @ 10.64.
Robbie Harrison had 475 runs @ 26.39 and Ronnie McCarey took 43 wickets.
Robin Harrison, Ronnie McCarey and Ivor Marno played for Junior Ulster.

2nd XI won Division Two Section E winning all 13 games (Captain Geoff Simon).
Joe Morgan top bat av 44.5, George Deane top bowler with 18 wickets @ 4.0.
David Parker scored 486 runs including a ton (118).

3rd XI won Section H winning 9, losing 2 with the other game ending in a tie (Captain Robin Parker).
Brian Beggs top bat av 38 and Ken Patton top bowler with 22 wickets.

4th XI under Henry Halliday played for the first time in Section J.

Both Midweek XIs won their leagues, the A team for the 2nd year in a row, the B side the third in a row.

U15s won Graham Cup for the 2nd year running.

Application for senior league accepted.


1st XI joint winners of Section 3 Senior League (Captain Tommy McAuley). P17 W13 L4.
Brian Stirling 597 runs @ 35, ton for 2nds v Woodvale, 2 caps for Ulster Town.
James Jamison 57 wickets @ 8.35. Best average NCU Section Three.
Ulster Town Under 19 side that won Woolmark Trophy contained 6 Academy players ! James Jamison (captain who scored a ton in one match), Brian Stirling, Chris Davis, Trevor Thompson, David Thompson and David Raine.

2nd XI won Division Two Section D winning all 13 games (Captain Norman Beggs).
N.Beggs best bat 293 runs @ 42. Nevil Baker top bowler 20 wickets @ 7.2.

3rd XI won Section G winning 9 out of 10 (Captain Robin Parker).
Nevil Baker top bowler. Geoff Armstrong top bat.

4th XI top bat John Spottiswoode av 35.6. Alan Clements top bowler.
Alan Clements and Norman Ellison each took a hat-trick.

U19s won Colts Cup.

Castle Grounds was seeded as the 2nd best ground in NCU. Hydepark was 4th !


1st XI record P16 W8 L7 T1. Semi-finalists Senior Cup.
Robbie Harrison top bat 613 runs @ 27.86
Tommy Bellieu top bowler 41 wickets @ 10.17.
James Jamison played for Ulster Town.

2nd XI won Junior Qualifying Cup (Captain Norman Beggs) and joint top league.
Joe Morgan top bat 137 runs @ 34.25. George Deane top bowler 39 wickets @ 7.82.

3rd XI finished mid-table. Adrian Hutton scored 144 runs @ 18 and took 22 wickets.

4th XI finished 2nd in the league. Jim Briggs scored 115 runs @ 23.

Midweek A won midweek league. Chris Davis bat av 39.66. Kim Silkstone bowl av 4.44.

Tour Bishops Stortford. 1st game, beat Aythorpe Roding by 6 wickets. 2nd game, BRA F.P. 162 Harlow 120-9. Last game, BRA F.P. 120 Pilgrims 88-9. See also Off the Field.

“One story worth recounting concerns that knowledgable but sometimes controversial cricketer William Lougheed who spectated at the 2nds Cup final against CIYMS at Civil Service. The ball was hit to the boundary near Willie who immediately signalled a six. When the fielder arrived the ball had not even crossed the boundary. Willie said he made the gesture for the good of the team not for the batsman Brian Barker.” Meanwhile, the ladies enjoyed gin and tonics in the sunshine.


1st XI finished mid-table.
James Jamison top bat 173 runs @ 19.2, T.Bellieu top bowler with 43 wickets @ 14.3
James Jamison, Ronnie McCarey and Brian Stirling all played for Ulster Town.

2nd XI finished 2nd in the league.
I.Marno 349 runs @ 38.75, D. Emery 50 wickets @ 11.2

3rd XI were joint league winners
I.Marno 194 runs @ 64.66, G.Dean 18 wickets @ 4.78

4th XI finished 4th in the league

Midweek A won Cup
Joe Morgan 188 runs @ 62.67, Paul Campbell top bowler

3 tours, 2 to Cushendall where both games were won. 1 to Mullingar (lost) and Athlone (won).

Single wicket won by Ivor Marno.


2nd XI won Intermediate Cup beating Ballymena 2nds in the final (Captain George Whitten)
East Antrim League and Cup both won (Captain Michael Boyd)

Midweek B won league (Captain Adrian Brown)

James Jamison won single wicket trophy

Pre-season indoor nets held in the Valley Leisure Centre


2nd XI won Intermediate Cup for 2nd year running (Captain George Whitten)


1st XI won Section Three (Captain Henry Jamison)


U15s were runners-up in the Graham Cup final losing to Bangor in the final at Hydepark.
Single wicket trophy won by Chris Davis.

Ken Moseley and Ronnie McCarey each won a Harris Marrian Award during the season.

Pre-season indoor nets held in the Shankill Leisure Centre.


2nd XI won Division Two Section Three.
3rd XI reached the Lindsay Minor Cup final.

Tour to Strabane.

Barry Foulds won Single wicket trophy.


Robin Reilly took 10-28 for the 4th XI at Holywood.
Alan Neill won the Single wicket trophy.


Awards: 1sts batting Peter Noblett, bowling Billy Furlonger.
2nds batting Ian Moffett, bowling Henry Jamison.
3rds batting Stephen Ruddell, bowling Philip Shaw.
4ths batting and bowling Alan May.
Alfie Redpath coached the club during the summer.

Indoor nets were held at Ballysillan Leisure Centre.


Awards: 1sts batting Brian Kelso, bowling Rod Briggs.
2nds batting – , bowling Brian Boyd.
3rds batting – , bowling Brian Loughridge and Philip Shaw.
4ths batting Pam Trohear, bowling Ian McCourt.
Ian Moffett won Single wicket trophy.

Alan Swann scored 100 for 4ths at Holywood.

Tour to Isle of Man lost to Finch Hill and Cronkbourne C.C.


Awards: 1sts batting Brian Kelso, bowling Rod Briggs.
2nds batting Jim McCall, bowling Brian Johnson.
3rds batting Ian McCourt, bowling Stephen Ruddell.
4ths batting Derek Lynn, bowling Alan Murphy.


1st XI win Division One Section Three.
Ghous Khan plays for the club.

Last ever game played at Hydepark against Carrick.

Indoor nets held at BRA.


Awards: 1sts batting Johnny McKnight, bowling Frank Parkinson.
2nds batting Alan Swann, bowling Stephen Ruddell.
3rds batting David McLarnon, bowling Colin Moffett.
4ths batting Colin Moffett, bowling Bruce Williamson.


Academy XI (Captain Brian Coyle) wins Midweek League beating Bangor in the final.

Off the field


Everyone is referred to in the minute book as “Mr” and their surname only.
It was generally agreed that girlfriends and wives should make the tea. Mr Cole suggested half a loaf of sandwiches and 2/6.

Selling Xmas cards proposed as fund-raiser.

£2 sub for all players (aged over 20)


Honorary Sec to write to Mr Lord congratulating him on his appointment as Headmaster of the school.
Cake sales were the order of the day – £104 profit !

Meeting on 3/10/68 in Salisbury club premises: R.Parker proposed to modify club rule 15A to allow non Old Boys to play cricket. This would enable Ivor Marno of St Marys to play for the club. G. Martin was against, A.Cole, R.Harrison and G.Simon abstained.

It was generally felt that the club should not play on a Sunday as it might be frowned upon by the school.


Herd of cows wandered onto square at Hydepark


Christian names used for first time in minute book.
Mr Darbyshire asked that the first aid equipment at Hydepark should be checked and refurbished before the commencement of the new season.

Fundraising ideas included a wine&cheese party and a fashion parade. A Treasure Hunt raised £60.

Tour cancelled due to political situation.


First annual dinner held in Brookvale Hotel with Willie Lougheed as the host


46 members attended the NCU dinner. Stanley Nash and H. Catherwood came out of retirement. H.Catherwood breaks leg dismounting from the bus at the dinner.


Tour Bishop Stortford. 14 players and officials. Captain Norman Beggs.
One senior official (George Drennan one assumes – ED) “had partaken of a few beverages to keep out the cold” and was last seen singing “we are the air sea rescue”.
Only a few members made it to breakfast. One member was still in love from the previous evening. Monday morning was spent shopping ! On the second night, one of the party lost his tie on the way back to the hotel. We arrived back long after closing time. A boisterous evening was had by all. George Drennan carried a fully equipped medical bag at all times containing ceteris paribus a reviving spirit for anyone who fainted. One player with a cold bought a medicinal bottle to ward off evil spirits. He had to be forcibly removed from the gents room on the plane due to the fact that it had landed.
A sponsored walk of 25 people raised £200.


On 13/1/75 Stan Gowdy was expelled from the club.
Tony Cole on record against motion to become an open club. Dazzler expressed concern over financial structure if club became open.

April 1975. Chimney Corner banned all future BRA functions at the hotel due to damage occurred at the cricket dinner.

Cabaret held on night of single wicket final.


Discussions began with Cliftonville over possible amalgamation.


January meeting. Messers Jamison and Gray are to entertain the schoolboys. It was thought the most suitable venue would be a hotel, preferably an unlicenced one although there was some disagreement from the organisers !
February meeting. Cliftonville seemed to have gone off the idea of amalgamation.

June meeting. General feeling that Cliftonville had little to offer apart from their money and we didn’t want to be railroaded into changing our name.

Ronnie McCarey returned club cricket bat and resigned. He hadn’t turned up at CIYMS game, apparently spending the day at home decorating.