Fantasy Football World Cup 2018

The club is running a Fantasy Football World Cup fundraiser this year and we would encourage all members and friends of the club to enter! Its £10 per entry and the top prize is £500!

Heres how it works:

You select 8 teams from the World Cup finals and place them in order of importance, ranking from 1 to 8, for example:

1. Spain (coefficient to multiply by, eight)

2. Panama (coefficient to multiply by, seven)

3. Uruguay (coefficient to multiply by, six)

etc, etc, etc……..

You must pick two number 1 seeds, two number 2 seeds, two number 3 seeds and two number 4 seeds (highlighted in colours). The seedings are not official but have been adapted for this competition.

As a tie-breaker, predict the total number of goals that will be scored in the 64 games in the tournament.

The scoring:

When any of your 8 teams are in action, you will get the number of points they score multiplied by the ranking coefficient you gave to each team:

5 for a win

2 for a draw

2 points per goal scored

2 points for clean sheet

2 points if a team “saves” a penalty, i.e. the penalty is not scored.

-5 points per player sent-off

Bonus 5 points for reaching last 16, another 5 for reaching last 8, another 5 for semi-final place 5 for reaching the final and a further 5 bonus points for winning the thing. So, 25 bonus points in total available to winning team 20 for losing finalists 15 for semi-finalists, etc. For teams seeded 3rd or 4th, these points are doubled.

Note: Extra time applies for all of the above. Goals scored in penalty shoot-outs are not counted but the overall result is.

For example, you rank Germany in first and England in fifth. Germany beat England 3-1 with Ali sent off. Germany therefore score 11 points (5 for a win plus 6 for the goals scored) multiplied by a coefficient of 8 for the ranking which gives you 88 points.

England score -3 points (2 for the goal, -5 for the sending-off) multiplied by a coefficient of 4 for the ranking which gives you -12 points.

The winner is the person with the highest number of cumulative points at the end of the tournament. In the event of a tie, the persons closest to the total number of goals will be deemed the winner.

You can download the form here and completed forms should be sent to david.greenlees@hotmail.co.uk