GOLFBUSTER Competition Launched

GOLFBUSTER will run over the weekend of the Open Championship at Royal Portrush from 18th – 21st July 2019. 

This is a fund-raiser for the Club and the intention is to attract 60 entrants or their equivalent (there is no limit to the number of entries per person). On this assumption it is intended that the winner will receive £70 and the runner-up £30, with the remainder of any entry monies retained for Club funds.


How it works:- 

* The entry fee is £5. You may make as many different entries as you wish, each at £5. If you are not into golf you can get a family member or friend to help with your selections. 

* For each entry you select FOUR golfers from the lists (below) as follows: –

  • TWO players from Group A
  • ONE player from Group B
  • ONE player from Group C 
  • Each entrant must also predict the winning score of the Open which will be used as a tie-break in the event of score ties. The closest, lower estimates to the winning score will secure the prizes. 

* After the first two rounds (on Friday evening) a tournament CUT will be made.  At least 3 of your selections MUST make the cut to the weekend and play all 4 rounds to remain with the chance of winning. Therefore, if two of more of your golfers do not make it to the weekend cut you will be OUT of the competition. 

* The winner will be the entrant with the LOWEST COMBINED total score to par of their BEST 3 selected players. 

* All selections must be handed or e-mailed to Crawford McCully no later than 6.00pm on Wednesday 17th July. All participants will then receive an email containing the selections of everyone taking part for full transparency.

How to enter:-

* Entries will NOT be accepted without the relevant entry fee of £5 min. This can be paid in cash to me, or by bank transfer to Account Number 00410519, Sort Code 11-09-74. TRANSFERS MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME.

* Then simply highlight in your matrix returns the 4 selected golfers using a luminous marker or by circling them or by ticking the relevant players. You  can also state them in a covering e-mail  (maybe best for multi-entries).

Click here to download ENTRY FORM