Last Chance To Enter World Cup Competition

Dear all,


Only 8 days until closing date!

£500 top prize and various spot prizes throughout

Only £10 per entry

In the interest of openness and transparency, my team is as follows:

Brazil, Germany, Poland, England, Uruguay, Senegal, Iceland, Japan and 170 goals will be scored.

Entries will close strictly on Wednesday 13th June at 13:00 (this enables each participant to see all entries before a ball is kicked)

If you have already entered, you will have received an email confirmation of your teams.(if not you’re not in)

The World cup kicks off on the 14th June with the mouth-watering clash between hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia!!

The tournament concludes on Sunday 15th July with 64 games in total.

The competition will run on the same basis as the previous competitions (i.e. just pick your top 8 teams, within the usual constraints and leave all the work to me) and you will get a daily league table to keep you informed of your progress.

As this is a major fund raising initiative for Cliftonville Academy Cricket Club, please feel free to pass on competition details to anyone else who may be interested in entering a team. I am more than willing to answer any queries you have about the competition, but basically all you have to do is rank 8 teams in order and predict the number of goals that will be scored.

Entry form, prize details and rules are attached

good luck and thanks for your support

David Greenlees