Sponsor The Firsts for 25 Quid!

We are launching a sponsorship scheme which could see you or your business sponsor our 1st XI Senior team for the 2017 season for just £25!

How does it work? Well there is a grid of 40 squares (below) and you or your business buy a square for £25 and you will be entered into a draw with a 1 in 40 chance of you being selected as our 2017 shirt and website sponsor*.

As the process goes on the grid of 40 squares will link to your website so you will gain valuable exposure through our website in the mean time leading up to the beginning of the 2017 season when the draw will be made so we will make sure your £25 investment goes a long way!

As an example number 1 has been linked by me (NIdesigner.com), as the numbers are bought we will post a short article on the website thanking you for your entry into the sponsorship competition and this will also be shared on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well.

If you have any questions or would like to get signed up simply email me using the following link >>

*The winning sponsor will have their name/logo on the shirts of the 1st XI team for the 2017 season and also have the homepage banner advertising space for the duration of the 2017 season also

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