Cliftonville Academy CC presents: Fantasy Cricket World Cup 2019

To Enter contact either: Adam or Niall

The rules of the game:

You must select a combination of 11 players made up from a total of 5 batsmen, 4 bowlers, 1 wicketkeeper and 1 all-rounder under a certain budget of ’60 credits’.

As a tie-breaker, predict the total number of sixes across the 48 games in the tournament.

The scoring: Points are given out for the following:

Batting 1 for each run scored -20 for each duck (excl. bowlers) 20 per century completed 10 for scoring 40+ runs at a rate higher than one run-per-ball 3 points for each six registered during an innings


25 for each wicket taken -1 for each 5 runs conceded 20 for taking four or more wickets 10 for bowling four or more overs and conceding runs at a rate lower than 4 per over 10 for each full maiden over recorded

Fielding 10 for each catch taken 15 for each stumping

A bonus 10 points is given to a player if their country reaches the semifinals, a further 10 for reaching the final and another 10 if their country wins the World cup. So there is an extra 30 points available for each player on the squad of the winning team. 20 points for players who were runners up and 10 for each player making to the semi finals.

The winner is the person with the highest number of cumulative points at the end of the tournament. In the case of a tie-breaker, the closest to predict the total number of sixes across the 48 games is determined the winner.

Full Details can be found here…. Fantasy World Cup